The calculation of net worth is important for both personal interests and for business interests.  The calculator evaluates the total of all personal assets based upon the valuation provided and subtracts any liabilities or debts that your are directly liable for paying.  This calculator does not include any contingent liabilities that you may have that are not directly related to your personal finances.

Personal financial statements are typically required by banks when applying for various credit products that include home mortgage loans and small business loans.  Banks will use this information provided by a borrower on their personal financial statement to evaluate the portions of the credit, capacity and character of a borrower and guarantor. 

   Personal Assets Liabilities and Debt Outstanding
Cash, Money Markets, Savings, CDs:
Stocks & Bonds (non-retirement):
Retirement Account - 401K, IRA:
Estimate of Home Value:
Second Home, Vacation Home, Other Real Estate:
Value of Automobile(s)
Value of Business:
Art, collectibles, jewelry, furnishings:
Other Assets:
Total assets:
Mortgage Loan Debt:
Car Loan:
Student loan:
Credit cards:
Other Debt:
Total debts:


Personal Net Worth




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